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Volcanic Earth
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Joyce Elise, ze houdt enorm van make-up, sieraden, schoenen, tassen, fotografie, gadgets en alles wat te maken heeft met beauty, fashion & lifestyle. Ook al is ze dol op de nieuwste rages! Ze deelt dan ook alleen dingen waar ze zelf achter staat. Het is altijd haar eerlijke en oprechte mening, dus als ze een product of merk niet goed vind zegt ze het ook!

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Volcanic Earth Facial Clay Mask Cleans our skin thoroughly !

This creamy, purifying face mask contains natural volcanic clay and specially formulated ingredients
such as Tamanu Oil™ for an intensive skin care, to eliminate excess sebum, while the skin is cleansed thoroughly.
- Content: 60 ml

Facial Clay Mask contains natural Volcanic Clay and special compound ingredients including Tamanu Oil™, Coconut Oil. Facial Clay Mask helps to purify, nourish, tone, clear, absorbs excess sebum, reduce blemishes and prevent skin breakouts.

Suitable for all skin types:
• Normal skin • Dry skin • Oily Skin • Combination Skin
► Suitable for men and women in all ages

Usage :
• First cleanse your face with Facial Cleanser.
• Apply a small amount on the skin
• Avoid eye contact
• Leave on for 15 minutes
• Do not allow the mask to dry out ! (Spray with water)
• Rinse of with tepid water
• Followed by Volcanic Earth Facial Toner
• Followed by Volcanic Earth Facial Moisturiser